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As a student of wisdom, I found in Bonus Round everything a reader needs to face life’s toughest challenges. Through her story, Srok demonstrates how she combined love, honesty, and grit to reinvent herself into a more authentic, successful, joyful person. By relying on her own wisdom Sally creates a new kind of family and a new life for herself.

 – Chip Conley, NY Times bestselling author, TED Speaker

The Bonus Round is an earnest, vulnerable account of how unexpected and unwanted events in life can deliver new and surprising ones. Sally Srok writes with fresh candor about the loneliness, heartbreak and confusion that accompanied the collapse of her marriage following the discovery that her husband was gay. And then she carries us tenderly out of the wilderness with her, discovering and recovering her worth and her place in the world.

- Kristin Kalbli, producer and host of podcast “Our Voices”

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